Do you really provide your vending machines for free?

That's right! Our free vending machines are delivered and set up directly in your office, college, school, or gym, with no charges involved!

Who stocks the machine?

Our team handles the entire delivery, installation, and ongoing maintenance of the machine with no hidden fees or service charges. We also update the vending machines with your choice of over thousands of our healthy and natural products.

Can our facility choose the products that go into the machine?

Yes, your facility can be instrumental in the products that are offered. We believe it is important to provide an awesome variety of healthy products in order to satisfy everyone.

How often is the machine stocked?

Each machine is equipped with it’s own cellular system for remote monitoring. We see the levels of products every day and make adjustments to the frequency of service constantly.

How many machines can you provide to our business – more than one?

First we need to evaluate the volume of foot traffic on a daily basis. Next, we need to consider if there is competition from other vending machines located in your business if you have any. If these two factors confirm there’s enough demand for an additional machine, we will be happy to supply more machines to your business.

What types of healthy products will be stocked in the machines?

The same products you can find on the shelves of your local health food grocers such as Whole Foods, Trader Joes, etc. Not only do the products we offer provide healthier alternatives, but they also taste great and people really love eating them!

If we have a contract with another vendor, can we still receive a healthy vending machine?

This depends on the specific contract. Many contracts are exclusive only to “traditional” vending products (e.g. Snickers, Coke, etc.). Therefore, this does not cause an issue as we can create menu plans of non-competing items to those in a different machine.

What happens if I need to move the vending machine?

In some cases, vending machines may need to be moved for building remodeling. Whatever the circumstance, we ask that you notify us of a vending machine move as soon as you can. Please contact us at least 20 days in advance of the date you need to have the vending machine moved. This is because we need to have the product removed before the vending machines can be moved.

What if someone loses money in the vending machine?

We will reimburse any money that is lost in the vending machine. Refunds are mailed out within 48 hours of receipt.

What do the vending machines look like?

We offer healthy vending machines in various sizes that fit most locations. All vending machines are attractive, newer, top-of-the-line-models.

Qualifications for vending machine service

General guidelines to qualify for free vending services:

  • Offices – 40 plus full-time employees
  • Retail – 15 full-time employees and 80+ customers daily
  • Hotels – 40 plus guest rooms
  • Apartments – 100 plus apartment units

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